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Baltimore skyline at sunset

Baltimore's historic skyline, as seen at dusk through the rigging at Anchorage Marina

Rainbow at sunset two

Baltimore Harbor at dusk

Thomas Point Light

Bay Retriever prepares for a snowy launch

Her decks illuminated by the spreader lights, Bay Retriever is seen here getting ready to go out for the '02 Parade of Lights through Baltimore Harbor. Her decks were covered with 6" of snow, meaning the sails remained furled.

Bay Retriever in Baltimore

Bay Retriever as seen at her former home.

Rainbow at sunset

A break in the torrential rains during the weekend of the '03 Leukemia cup allowed the Retriever to dry out some, and take these photos

Fresh AwlGrip

Bay Retriever's freshly awl-gripped transom, before her name and hailing port were applied

Halyards and wires within the mast

These are the original halyards and in-mast wiring. The bundle of cables on the right side of the photo are held by sail slugs into a track offset in one corner of the mast. All halyards and wiring were replaced after this photo before the mast was stepped in July '02

The head

Bay Retriever's head, sink, and shower (you can see the corner of the sit-in tub in the right side of the photo).

Masthead assembly

The masthead, with wind instrument, tricolor anchor light, windex, and VHF antenna

Electrical Panel

The 12v distribution system; the electrical panel is swung out, and the back is visible on the left

Bay Retrevier leaves on her maiden voyage

Bay Retriever leaving Herrington Harbour under her new owner's command

Bay Retriever's pedestal

The pedestal of the Bay Retriever, including the mount for the GPS Track/Plotter. Although this is a pretty basic device by today's standards, it's small enough to rotate easily and be viewed from all the convenient steering locations. The mount is a 10" teak board with two 1" holes cut by a hole saw 9.5" apart to match the pedestal. Next the board was cut with a table saw. Three screws compress the two pieces back together around the pedestal, and it has survived plenty of abuse.